Construction Storage in Phoenix

The housing boom has hit all across the country.  Some areas, like Phoenix, Arizona, have experienced fast growth both commercial and residential. There’s a lot of building going on in this part of the country.  When it comes to the commercial building, it can create quite a messy situation. In the downtown areas of the city, it’s extremely difficult to maneuver when there are cranes, caterpillars, graders and bulldozers all around. In the residential areas, it is also difficult to drive. Many people end up replacing tires because of nail or metal debris puncturing tires. What can be done to help clean it up and make it easier on the commuters?

Mobile storage units are the perfect solution to keep things organized during construction. When commercial construction is at its peak in Phoenix, equipment is used during different phases of building. When equipment is not being used, it can be stored in a mobile storage unit. These are very popular at a construction site.  Not only can be used to store the extra-large pieces of equipment, but it can also be used to store the smaller pieces. Mobile storage units in Phoenix can even be used as a temporary office for the foreman and architects. By keeping several of these around, equipment can be out of the way, safe from the weather and secure so that it doesn’t get stolen or damaged from vandals in the area.

Residential construction is a bit different. There aren’t as many pieces of massive bulldozers or cranes lumbering about. Mostly it’s the larger trucks delivering the wood, blocks, windows, roofing equipment, etc. While the debris is smaller in size, it is still just as messy and cluttered. Having a medium size mobile storage unit can allow for all the small pieces of equipment have a place to go at the end of the day. In Phoenix, it is extremely hot.  When you store your equipment you want it to be out of the direct sun which can be damaging to electrical hand held pieces like a nail gun or electric saws. The wiring can get too hot and cause a meltdown.

When you keep all the things in a shaded storage unit, there are fewer headaches when workers need to use that tool, it is ready to go and not too hot to create a meltdown. Any problem with construction equipment causes a delay in erecting building or homes. The summer months are extremely hot and it takes longer due to the slower pace of the workers. Having damaged equipment causes a further delay which is unacceptable. When its winter, the air is cooler and homes are built faster.

The final reason to use mobile storage units for construction sites is safety. You have everything locked up tight with these units. Your padlock secures all the expensive equipment from theft. When you’re dealing with the blistering heat in Phoenix trying to build a home or an office building, you don’t need the added delay of stolen goods.  Lock them up safe and sound in a mobile storage unit.