Mobile Storage in Arizona

Moving is loaded with stress. Whether it’s moving across the city, state or across the country, there is a tremendous amount of stress that comes with it. If you live in the south, such as Arizona, you have the joy of moving and packing in the sweltering heat. One solution to help minimize the stress and bear the heat is to use a mobile storage unit for all your treasures.

What is a Mobile Storage Unit?

Most people think of storage units as large bins that hold your belongings. Mobile storage units are room size units that can be filled with enough furniture, appliances and bedding from a small apartment. There are also units that can hold enough furniture from a 4 bedroom home. What makes this unit unique is the way it’s designed to move with you.

When you order a unit, it is delivered to your home on a large semi-truck. Then it is off loaded by a special lift, similar to a crane, and it’s placed in your driveway. There is a secure door that opens on one side, exposing the entire unit inside. This door can be secured with a padlock or other special locking mechanism you own to keep you valuables safe.

In your own time, you load up the storage unit until it’s full. Due to the heat in Arizona, loading your unit in the afternoon is best or in the early evening just before the sun rises. You can allow yourself 24 hours or 24 days filling your mobile storage unit. Whenever it’s filled to capacity, you are ready for the next step.

Contact the mobile storage business and the semi-truck will come back to your home and lift the unit on the bed of the truck. From here, there are two options: deliver to new address or store in a cool climate warehouse. Let’s say you are moving into a new home in the next several days. The truck would then deliver the mobile storage unit to your new destination, wherever that may be. However, if you are not moving into your new home in Arizona immediately, you can leave your unit at a warehouse.

This storage warehouse is climate controlled and keeps everything in your storage unit cool and away from the hot Arizona heat. Too much heat can cause damage to your belongings inside the mobile storage unit. Keeping it safe and cool will ensure less stress when it comes time to unload it. Your precious treasures will not be damaged due to high heat.

The final stage is emptying your unit into your next home. Again, this is done at your convenience. You simply schedule how much time you’ll need to unload it before the semi-truck comes back to pick it up.

Moving from a hot humid place like Arizona is a tremendously stressful situation. Make it easier on yourself and rent a mobile storage unit.